Campus Fashion

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28 October 2014

Campus Fashion

Almost every morning college students get up and go straight to their closets. The first thing that pops into our minds is," What am I going to wear today?" Which is common. What students go for our first impressions. In todays generation we see all types of different styles. When I walk on campus I can easily put these outfits in 3 different categories. These categories are very common to what we see in every day life.

The first style I come across is the over-dresser, which is the most noticeable one we see today. I'm convinced that's the point they are trying to make. When someone overdresses its kind of hard not to miss it. You'll notice them right away wearing outfits you would normally wear at a fashion show.

For instance that girl in your math class who is wearing 4 inch heels, or that one guy in the library that's wearing that Gucci suit. These are the types of dressers that want you to keep your eyes on. A lot of people tend to think that over-dressers just want to seek attention half the time. Luckily we don't have many over-dressers here.

On a different hand we see the anti-dresser. These dressers are what people tend to call a careless dresser. Students who come in with pajama pants, ripped t-shirts, and Nike slides for example. Although people might have been running late for class, others were having what we like to call a "lazy day". A lazy day consists of a person waking up throwing on a hoodie and sweat pants; The main purpose of a lazy day. What I like about anti-dressers is that they...