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"Somehow one can't help feeling a bit quilty , I suppose."

Ä°nsan ne de olsa daima biraz kabahatlidir.

Meursault is a perfect example of mankind's resistance.Society question him , judge him and understand him with their prejudices.He has a unique characteristic , because he doesn't live with society's ideas , he has his own idea.All interrogations don't change his idea , because he is honest for himself , and he know himself more than the others.

Camus's book , Visconti's movie and Demirkubuz's movie handle the subject with strong sides. People know themselves , but how well ? Meursault know himself more , but he is sentenced to death , he is different from other murderers. Readers and audiences question themselves , when read and watch it " Is there a murderer deep inside of me? Can I kill someone because of sunrise , or Do I know myself enough? All of these questions are come from mankinds own stormy inner World.

"It's almost as if Mother weren't really dead.The funeral will bring it home to me , put an official seal on it , so to speak …"

"Şimdilik annem sanki ölmemiş gibi. Gömüldükten sonra ise ,tersine , bu iş sona ermiş ve daha resmi bir hal almış olacak… "

Meursault place God's cards on the table.He is honest to God too.For him , there is no God , no belief and no dependence.He is responsible of himself.He doesn't believe legal ways of life.He only believe himself.He wants to smoke near the coffin , and he did it.Because his sincere honesty create his own characteristic.

In " Yazgı " Zeki Demirkubuz shows the reality of Musa's. He has a court , and he said " I'm not intrested...