Can anyone compete against Dell?

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Journal Date: October 28, 2002

Title: "Can anyone compete against Dell?" FORTUNE, November 4, 2002

Author: David Kirkpatrick

Page: P.42-48


Nowadays, almost every one of us has at least one computer at home. Computer become one of the most essential equipment in our family, therefore, the need of computer rapidly rise in the past few decades and the growth of development in computer also has a great improved. However, the PC world is facing the problem of losing money. Why?

It is because the needs of customers had been changed. In the past, computer are used to help people to work in a more efficient way, so, they need computer to provide faster speed in calculation. Then, most of the computer companies were concentrating on developing the speed of hardware and software. And there has a cycle between Microsoft and Intel, the two companies keep going to develop their new processor and new operating system, in order to upgrading the speed of computers.

Again, the needs of customers of computer had been changed. Actually, the speed of computers nowadays is already fast enough to help people to work with it. And most of the new developments in upgrading the speed of computer do not help much as before, some of the new program only help to make the computer to fast only a little bit. Therefore, the sales of those companies are decline by years and years.

Surprisingly, there is one company that can still make profit within these years, which is the famous computer company - Dell. Coming from the past few years, the price of computer was decreasing, although the quantity demand of computer remain the same, the earning of each computer has decreased due to the reducing price. Therefore, the system likes Dell, its computer design...