Can Business Move Beyond Efficency

Essay by KAhmed October 2014

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The purpose of this assignment is to findings the way in which business can move beyond efficiency and to articulate the value and importance of moving the sustainable business agenda

For the past two decades leading organization manage their environmental practices and become more sustainable, have employed the concept of eco-efficiency as a guiding framework (Holliday et al, 2002). More simply we can say as 'doing more with less', this concept has appealed to business on a number of different levels.

This is not a new development in the sustainable business literature. What is emerging are integrated models of corporate sustainability that links together the six criteria that a sustainable business will need to satisfy, namely eco-efficiency, socio-efficiency, eco-effectiveness, socio-effectiveness, sufficiency and ecological equity (Dyllick and Hockerts, 2002; McDonough and Braungart, 2002)

Not only does eco-efficiency enable business to manage their environmental impacts, also result in financial savings (Holliday et al, 2002).

For this reason it has often been presented as a 'win-win' business solution (Holliday et al, 2002). However, Day (1998) and Welford (1997) concur that eco-efficiency although a valuable criterion by which to guide and measure corporate sustainability, on its own it is not sufficient for doing business in an environmentally sustainable manner. At this stage these new models of corporate sustainability need further theoretical development that we believe can be best achieved using data from an empirical study. The intention being to test the efficacy of this new way forward, taking corporate sustainability beyond the business case (eco-efficiency) towards an integrated approach that links in the social and natural case.


This paper presents a model for understanding the concept of sustainable entrepreneurship. That is an organization that has sustainability at the center of its structure, operations and management. An organization that is moving beyond the...