How can a criminal record affect your life?

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How can a criminal record affect your life?

What is a criminal record?

A criminal record is a document that lists a person's criminal and penal convictions pronounced by the courts of Canada in accordance with federal laws such as the Criminal Code of Canada. However, violating a traffic rule of the Quebec Highway Safety Code is not a criminal offence and would not result in a criminal record. In fact, offences to provincial penal laws do not result in criminal records.

When you are convicted of a crime, that conviction may have effects that stick with you for years to come. It can affect what kind of job you may get, where you can go to school, as well as other things. If you have a criminal record, it is important to fully understand what that means. Never hesitate to ask questions of your lawyer or your probation officer.

Many youth believe their criminal record is wiped clean when they are eighteen. THIS IS NOT NECESSARILY TRUE. Changes in the law have made it more difficult to leave your record behind and get on with your life. If you have committed a less serious crime, your record will be sealed. This means you don't have to tell anyone except a judge that you have been convicted of a crime as a youth. So, employers won't be able to find this out. What crimes are serious and less serious?

Certain types of criminal convictions can result in the suspension or revocation of your driver's license. The most common example of this is the DUI case. Other types of cases, such as drug cases, can affect your driver's license too. A criminal conviction can also affect a person's ability to obtain or keep virtually every professional license that is regulated...