How can e-CRM enhance loyalty

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Does e-CRM enhance loyaltyResearch Proposal IntroductionForging long-term relationships with customers is usually viewed as the key to profitability in the current competitive market. Electronic customer relationship management (eCRM) is one of the primary strategic initiatives in industry today. It has become the latest concept of relationship marketing in the e-world. Customers are faced with more options than ever. As a result, they have naturally become increasingly demanding both of the products they purchase and customer service they receive. The idea is that, "if company A doesn't meet my expectations, I can always go to companies B thru Z". This research aims to explore the current adoption of eCRM in practice and discovering whether it has enhanced customer loyalty from a customer and an e-retailers perspective.

Research Design:To carry out effective research, the researcher must identify what the objective of the study is. The objectives were recognized after analysing a wide range of literature dealing with electronic customer relations management.

This literature is primarily based on the success and failure rates of e-CRM. The author is interested in discovering the impact e-CRM has on its customer and companies and how this can advance to a relationship between the two and which in turn leads to loyalty. The companies that were selected utilized an e-CRM system successful and felt their main focus was the customer.

Email survey: This research was chosen because email survey has many advantages.

•It is more cost efficient•A wider range of scope•Able to target your audience•It is fast and responsiveThe main disadvantages of the purpose of this research proposal•Self completion, questions could be missing•If there is no incentive one may not get quality information•There is a possibility of polar results i.e. really happy/angry•The collection of data can be time-consumingA method of successful responses to e-mail survey1. Follow...