How can i get ready for the first date?

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True love is hard to find nowadays. Just few people really appreciate someone. Everybody wants to loved, and wants to share something with somebody. But for this, there is many process. First date is one of them, even the most important one. Because first impressive is crucial. At first dates, both girls and boys have to be attentive in terms of choosing clothes, pureness, behaviours and choosing food.

First of all, when you go to meet with somebody who is important for you, you must know how to choose chothes. If you don't wear comfort clothes, you can't move easily. Many girls can't walk with high heels, so you don't wear it so as not to be ashamed by falling down. In addition, you don't wear so much low-cut, because it makes you and your partner disturb. Also, you must be careful about wearing ironed clothes.

Secondly, pureness comes first. Because it reflects you. Even if you wear perfectly, there is no mean if you don't be pure. Let's arrange in order what you have to do!

Before you go to meeting, you should have a bath certainly, then you should brush your teeth and be careful about your nail cleaning. Nail cleaning is so important for everyone. Because nobody wants to see bedragged nails. Also, your smell is crucial from everything. You can affect your partner with your smell, so you never smell sweat! Wearing perfume holds you in good stead. But you shouldn't prefer nasty perfumes. Don't forget! Everybody can forget you, but never your smell!

Thirdly, behaviours are milestone. Because your attitude, perspective in situations, and speech determine whether the next meeting or not. Primarily, you must be yourself, and act naturally. But don't be so much natural. Also, you shouldn't talk every...