Can the high costs of space exploration be justified? (A Speech)

Essay by hoshrav April 2004

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Firstly, I would like to reinforce the fact that the benefits perceived from space exploration are highly overrated. These "hypes" are created by space agencies, who try to justify the costs of space exploration in the eyes of the public.

As we all know, numerous resources are devoted to space exploration.

Space agencies claim that they can alleviate the sufferings of millions of individuals around the world by finding cures to fatal diseases such as HIV, AIDS and cancer. This is well and good, but unfortunately it is only a hope. There is no fact, there is no definitive to say that this will work. We are equally likely to find a solution to these problems on earth as we are in outer space. So why spend billions when we can do with millions?

Ladies and gentlemen, we are not denying that there are benefits from space exploration. We only claim that the costs involved do not match the benefits received, even closely.

There are two things to take into account when considering any little benefits received

a) Feasibility - Is it possible for us to use products on earth. Can we actually develop a product that we can effectively market and that will help individuals on this planet? It hasn't happened in the last four decades so I don't see it happening soon!

b) Sustainability - When and if a benefit is received is it sustainable on earth? Can we actually use it in a practical way? I don't think so!

Now for my second argument. Lack of contribution to life.

Missions to other planets and interstellar space are of little tangible benefit for humans and contribute very little for life on earth. Space exploration has been going on for a prolonged length of time. However, we have not...