Can the Internet Be Censored?

Essay by tlbatisteA+, February 2006

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The internet has given almost everyone a voice. This isn't perfect, because a lot of people there tell untruths, but its still a good thing to have for research and information on all subjects and issues out there. A quick and easy way to get information, rather then going to the library, to haul a lot of books about.

Censorship of information on the Internet has become a much publicized debate that currently has no resolution in sight. There is a great controversy as to whether or not censorship is a necessity in order to maintain a particular moral standard. In the case that there should be a standard, what information should people have access to? Even if there is no single answer that everyone agrees to, it is an issue that has been confronted and is being dealt with. The amount of material generated by this debate alone is huge, but the addition of the world-wide network known as the Internet only makes it grow.

During the past several years the Internet has expanded the abilities of the common person to gain information on a global scale. As the Internet industry grows and expands almost daily, new issues of censorship and freedom of expression are arising. Issues such as the exposure of pornography to children as well as the censoring of material to students have caused enormous amounts of controversy. However, these topics are just a few of the problems with the material available over the Internet.

The world is changing quickly, and the Internet is now an important part of our global culture. Not everyone is comfortable with these changes, and there has been a lot of talk about censoring the Internet, particularly when it comes to children and public libraries. As always, there is no...