Can one language be considered better than another?

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In the world that we live today, there exist billions of people and with a billion people, there comes a billion ways of communication between the people. This medium of communication between one human being and another is called language. I am using a language as I write this essay and you are also using one to understand what I am trying to say in this essay. Languages are a means of communication hence, they are very important to convey to one, another how each of them feels. The ability of communication via a language is a gift granted to the human being from god. Here in this essay, I will discuss this little gift in some detail and the need for it and whether a particular language can be considered better than another.

I am now going to name a few popular/widely spoken languages: 1) English 2) French 3) Mandarin 4) Hindi/Urdu 5) Spanish/German.

Of these, all but Mandarin are Indo-Aryan languages. Mandarin comes from the language group called 'Sino-Tibetan' languages. In this discussion, I will compare and contrast mainly, two languages: English and Hindi - both of which I speak fluently. Firstly, I will discuss the convenience and the ease at which the language is learnt. Starting with English, I think that English is generally a relatively easy language to learn, but the only problem is that there are a lot of irregularities in the language as the vocabulary of the language is so vast that it is impossible for a person to understand and know all the words, even if he spent every minute of his life in the process. Also, the vocab list of the language is continually expanding. By irregularity, I mean that there are so many words in the language which have the...