Can Teenagers adopt a vegetarian diet without any health risks?

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2.0 Introduction

Vegetarianism is becoming increasingly common worldwide amongst the health conscience population and especially teenage girls who have to live up to the image of the perfect female body. This is one reason why there is an increasing amount of people choosing to consume vegetables, fruits, roots, and other forms or herbs that grow from the earth instead of animal meat, and/or eggs and milk products. There are various aspects of this lifestyle that if uneducated about can lead to malnutrition issues for teenage girls. However there are steps vegetarian's can take to assure proper nutrition to their bodies. Becoming a vegetarian is a big step in anyone's life and proper dieting and research is mandatory for such an important decision. This report will explain exactly what you will need to know about vegetarianism.

2.1 Background.

This report is for parents of adolescent girls contemplating becoming a vegetarian. This report has all the information and facts needed to inform anyone about what it is to become a vegetarian and what risks you face and whether it is safe for teenage girls to become vegetarians without stunting their growth or contracting diseases later in life.

2.2 Purpose

The Purpose of this report is to inform any teenage girl about all the facts they will need to know before they decide to choose whether to be a vegetarian or not. This report will include facts, statistics and information for both parents with teenage girls and the girls themselves. Choosing to become a vegetarian is a big step because in doing so, you cut out two vital food groups, dairy and meat. This report will tell you exactly what you will need to eat and the quantity of that you will have to eat to replace the lost vitamins and minerals that...