Can we be certain of the truth

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Can we ever be certain about the truth?

Truth is the only reasonable and logical answer possible at the time. Though we consider more than one thing to be true, truth is the only thing that is not only based on belief. However, if one strongly believes that something is right and he can justify his thoughts with reasonable information and data, then we could consider this to be true. We can only be certain of the truth if it is the only logical answer or it can be justified.

The truth is often hard to understand since it is generally something out of the norm. If someone finds a truth, it is almost always wrong, can be innovative or improved. To "seek" the truth is what we mostly do, as truth is relevant it might vary from one person to another according to their point of view and culture.

However this does not mean that if something cannot be proven false, it is true. This is something made up by our community and society, and it does not fit with the rules of something being true.

I can conclude that the truth is very hard to find and a relative term. Depending on the statement, idea or belief and the point of view people have about the same thing, there can be many truths that can appear different. However there is only one truth, the equilibrium of all and perfect middle, truth cannot be its own opposite but it can be the opposite of a pre-existing truth and finally, truth is an omnipresent, logical and unquestionable thing that we can only understand parts of.

Gaurav Verma