How can we be Tolerant and Have Principles?

Essay by mwithm November 2005

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Tolerance and principles are two fundamental human qualities. We all,

as human beings, are special in a way. Each one of us has his own

destination, wishes, desires, and principles. However none of us lives in

a private isolated world, so she or he meets and interacts with others. In

order for relationships among us to be smooth, we have to be tolerant

of each other. Otherwise conflicts spring up.

Harmony of tolerance and principles would probably be an ideal

situation but is it possible and how could it be achieved? That is probably

one of the most difficult tasks of human society ever. Inability to tolerate

one another often leads to disputes and even wars.

Principles are often dominant and important in today's modern society

of strong individuals. Everyone just fulfills his own desires without

caring about others and possible damage caused to them. Feelings are

other important aspects as they can be easily hurt and affect the

reciprocal responses.

Responses or reactions of a person often depend on

input actions, responses but they are motivated to a great part by

individual feelings, ideas and principles.

What does tolerance actually mean, and why? Tolerance as I have already

mentioned is a kind of respect, but also a kind of mutual understanding

and sensibility. I believe that it also depends on a large number of other

features which compose our character. Of course there are different

levels of tolerance reflected in a personality. There are so-called good

hearted people, tolerant and polite. On the other hand are their total

opposites, arrogant and careless people, who in their inner core do not

posses any justification for tolerance and justice. Members of this

second group just follow their principles, for example, skinheads,

terrorists and other extremists. They just persist in their...