Can you afford the consequences of using cars?

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Cars are said to be one of the greatest inventions in history that changed people’s lives. Thanks to the cars, human lives are now more convenient than ever before. But every rule has its exceptions, as we enjoying the convenience that the car has brought; we also suffering from its consequences.

Car crash is one of the top preventable deaths in Canada. One may ask how it can happen, even though it is preventable. Take a glance at statistic, drinking and driving, speeding, driver fatigue and distractions are the major causes of car crashes, they all have one thing in common: It’s the victim’s choice to perform them. Indeed, it’s only a matter of decision. Through countless education from family, friends, peers, organizations or even media, we should know the importance of decision and what is the right decision, especially when they emphasize “put on a seatbelt before you drive.”

We may still notice these small details, since the police often drive around and they may check them, yet still, one may not see how a matter of decision can prevent someone including oneself from death until he/her experience one of these crashes him/herself. We often hear young drivers commit in car crashes after they back from alcohol containing parties. Every driver should know how the effect of alcohol can have on a person and the effectiveness of driving, yet many choose drinking and driving. If you choose to enjoy music when driving, or, speed because you are late for work than drive safe, than the murder is not the car or the weather, it is you.

Cars destroy effect the entire ecosystem, our city’s appearance, and the health of individual. Not mention how the magic of “stepping on the accelerator pedal” can bring us to the beach or other enjoyable places, the magic of turning fossil fuels into acid rain is also fascinating. As we constantly used up fossil fuels such as gas, air pollutants are constantly being released into the atmosphere, which can affect our lung capacity. The poisonous gas also turns into acid rain that kills trees fish and bird. When the acid rain hits the ground, it endues the building, as well as the road, a yellowish color and disgusting smells. The acid rain may also corrode the car itself if it contains steel.

As drivers driving down the driveway, they may not concern what their cars will do to the environment. Indeed, cars are not the criminal that destroying our mother nature, since they don’t have mind of their own. But we are, because it is our responsibilities to protect the home planet that we live in. So why not start by walking to stores instead of driving?