What can you do to improve the world?

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There is an abundance of radiance and splendor in the world. But, despite its beauties and wonders, however, it still has its profusions of tribulations and troubles. Yes, we all agree that the world could be made a better place. Many people would like to help fabricate and make this world a better habitat; except, embracing the entire world as a venture can undeniably be a tremendous task. How can a task of such significance and magnitude be initiated? And, what can one person with simple resources effectively do? Certainly, there are things that we can do to help build a better world because the end results are rewarding.

But, with all that said, we must ask the question, "What is wrong with the world"? It is impossible to contribute to improving the world if you don't know what's wrong with it. In my opinion, we, the people, are the problem of the world.

We destroy, hurt and abuse every natural beauty of this world, from the sands of the earth to the precious children. If we can reach and touch ourselves and deal with the inner and outer imperfections of our personal lives, then that is a massive commencement of a better world.

I strongly feel that in order to improve something, you must first improve yourself as an individual. In my venture to improve the world, I, as an individual, have to take possession of myself in strength of mind, body and soul. I must depict a strong character full of essence and honor and demonstrate that I am an exclusive and very unique being that is irreplaceable. I will take control of my life and actions and determine my own destiny. The improvement of many situations starts within one's self and in the home. By taking the...