Can you make soldiers in coed basic training.

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Can You Make Soldiers in Coed Basic Training

basic combat training turns civilians into soldiers by teaching them basic soldier skills. These skills do not teach soldiers how to fight, but how to survive. All soldiers need theses skills because, as shown by the recent conflicts in Iraq, any soldier can be thrown into a combat situation. Males and females should not go through basic training together because it distracts them from learning the basic soldiering skills needed to survive in a combat situation.

I went through military basic training in the Army at Fort Jackson in the summer of 2002, where they do have male and female recruits training together. I have first hand knowledge of what goes on during this type of basic training. In basic training civilians are taught the basic soldiering skills, both physical skills and discipline skills. In the Army they teach you some Discipline skills through the acronym LDRSHIP. It stands for Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless-Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage. All of these leadership skills need to be present for a civilians to become a true fighting soldier. The types of physical skills taught in the basic training of the different military branches vary, but they all include some of the same things. All of the military services teach soldiers to shoot a rifle efficiently and accurately, be physically fit, march and run in formation, land navigation and tactical skills.

An often cited argument of gender integegrated training is, "Soldiers who fight together should train together" All jobs in the Army and most of the jobs in the other military services require extra schooling beyond basic training, at this schooling the training is gender integrated. When soldiers finish all their training needed for their job, they will end up at their new...