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Christopher Cherler Thursday, October 18, 2012

Canada's Competiveness

Everyday, we pay attention to and interpret news stories about Canada. These stories are usually very bearish about our home country; news stories including; Unemployment rates increasing, economic growth being not as predicted, QE3, etc… with all these news stories being thrown around to bring Canada down, I still think to believe that even though Canada isn't achieving all these goals, Canada is still striving to be a competitive country. We have all the natural resources needed; our workforce industry is spectacular, and our infrastructures are effective. Canada just needs to hit that spot where we can overcome other countries and industries, it's all just a matter of timing and precision. Nonetheless, with those being said, Canada is a competitive country, we're just being "fashionably late" towards our economy.

My counter argument is towards The Global Competiveness Index of 2011-2012. Canada was ranked #12 in the year 2011 and as time passed to the year 2012, we are currently in 14th place.

Back in 2001-2002, we were ranked 8th, but times changed and our economy hasn't been recovering as well as other countries since the recession. This is where I believe that this is very "bearish" towards our economic growth. The hype is that Canada isn't recovering as quickly and effectively, that makes telemarketers, and executives believe that Canada isn't competitive. I can see where they are coming from, I just believe that they look at the bigger picture, pictures such as unemployment rate increasing. Sure, it's increasing, but that's not the main point. Canada is striving to create more jobs on the market, and they are trying to do it as effectively and efficiently as possible. They use factors such as their natural resources to create more jobs, which is a...