Canada's Immigration From 1852-1990

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Canada's Immigration From 1852-1990

In 1852 many of Canada's immigrants were from Europe countries but many of these were being

lost to the United states. This meant that the province of Canada was mostly French Canadians,

this began the immigration promotion program in 1850s. In the 1840s the main problem was lack

of control over the immigrants now the problem was getting immigrant particularly British ones to

start small farms.

Over the next 30 years John A. MacDonald did little to attract new immigrants to Canada.

In about 1879 a new immigration law was passed that was designed to keep out paupers and

destitutes. This would be the start to 'weed out' the people that would live in Canada, and

eventually become the laws we have today.

In 1885 an act was passed that would restrict Chinese males from immigrating. This was done

because of the large amount of young Chinese men that were coming to Canada to work building

the CRP ( an estimated 15,701).

Without these men most of whom lost their lives from injury or


During the 1890s a depression because of the very short growing season and very high cost of

shipping the grains. This lack of rain caused many Canadians to immigrate to the U.S. for a better

life. Not very attractive to immigrants to Canada.

Around the beginning of the 1900s the economy was boosted by the increasing need for Canadian

food products. Europe had a large population explosion and tax increase caused more and more

to move to Canada. With the construction of the CPR it was much easier to go west and settle the

land which was cheap or free. The Canadian government was promoting it's self every where with

it's fur and grains to encourage new comers and settlers that...