Canada's Part In The North American Free Trade Agreement

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Canada has changed drastically to become the nation it is today. Evolving from a young country, Canada today is viewed as a democratic and proud nation. After Canada received its independency from Britain in 1867 it has progressed into a wise nation that has slowly related it self to the United States of America. The USA has many things that Canada needs to import and the United States ask for the same in return. In the 20 century trade is seen as a growth in a country's economy. This is why Canadian Prime Minister; Brian Mulroney, agreed to a free trade contract with the United States on January 1st 1988. Many Canadians had different views and perspectives on how this contract would turn out. Free trade meant that there would be elimination on most barriers between the two nations, allowing access to each country's goods. As the hype grew Mexico decided to join in this economic growth factor.

On January 1st 1994 the Free Trade Agreement was expanded and built upon to produce the North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), This agreement will continue to change the life of many people until January 1st 2008. It was as if the three countries were merging together into an economically powerful nation in a sense of goods. Mexican President Salinas, the US President Clinton and Prime Minister Chretien all felt this would be successful in the years to come. NAFTA's promoters promised 200,000 new jobs per year for Canada, higher wages in Mexico and growing trade between Mexico and Canada. Environmental clean-up and improved health along the border were also promised. In the area of the economy, imports/exports, and businesses The North American Free Trade Agreement had and still has a significant impact on Canada since 1988.

The North American Free...