Canada's Relationship with the United States

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Canada and the United States are each other's most important trading partners. Our growing economic inter-dependence benefits both countries in a time of global change. The annual two-way trade in goods and services between Canada and the United States is worth almost $510 billion USD. It is a vital component of our economic security. Since 1993, the Canadian-American two-way trade in goods and services has grown at an average of 8.6% per year. Canada-U.S. trade supports more than two million jobs in each country. In 2001, Canada bought more U.S. goods than all 15 countries of the European Union, almost three times as much as Japan, and 61 percent more than Mexico. Canada is the leading market for goods for 39 U.S. states. The United States is Canada's largest foreign investor and the most popular destination for Canadian investment. Canada is the United States' largest supplier of crude oil and refined products, natural gas, electricity and uranium.

The economic relationship between Canada and the United States is a very important part of each country's survival. With out the United States' trade, Canada would probably be a very poor nation.

I believe that the issue with acid rain and the U.S. is a key factor in the negative part of the United States. Even though President Bush agreed to take some action against pollution caused by cars and factories alike, I don't think it is enough. In my opinion, the United States isn't particularly concerned with Canada's (or any other nation's) environmental problems due to acid rain travelling across their border into our air. The pollution isn't going to stop at the border and only affect the United States since they were the ones who created it, it will continue in Canada, poisoning Canadian lakes and forests,