Canada's Stage Warriors

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Canada's Stage Warriors:

The Arkells

By Mackenzie Williams

Imagine a magical menagerie of Elton John, Don Henley, The Rolling Stones, and a political protest. That's the Arkells. They're 5 hard working musicians that came out swinging in 2008 and it seems like they haven't stopped touring since. Hailing from all over Eastern Canada, the boys met in Hamilton and have been taking the rock and roll scene by storm. It all started when fashion icon Max Kerman decided with his guitar solo legend best friend, Mike DeAngelis, to start a band at McMaster University. Max and Mike were joined by their friends: tambourine enthusiast Anthony Carone, tea drinker Tim Oxford, and occasional smiler Nick Dika; thus the Arkells were born. Since then, they have been known for their catchy lyrics, wild bass lines, and most importantly, their live shows.

An Arkells concert is an experience of epic proportions.

In an interview with Parental Advisory, frontman Max Kerman said "my mom has always been worried about me losing my hearing, I can pull up countless emails from her that end with 'I love you, wear earplugs!'"