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Canada's identity is one that it has to struggle to maintain. The influence and pressure that it receives from the United States is phenomenal. It is perplexing how Canada's identity has not been overrun but the super power that is the United States, but has developed an identity based on culture, government, media and natural resources; assets that Canada struggle to maintain some control over; however, the close ties with the united states, help to develop Canada into the nation it is today.

Culture is one of the main definitions of a country's identity. Canada has resisted American culture to preserve their own through many different means. Many Americans had the notion that all of North America was meant for the United States. The idea of manifest destiny threatens Canadians and their identity. The Americans owned and own many stores and companies that operated in Canada and influence Canadians in many ways.

Clothing for example, is a cultural symbol that has been greatly influenced by Americans; most Canadians wear clothing that has been manufactured by American companies and that clothing is distributed by American companies in Canada. The media that Canada listens to is also contributes to the culture that Canadians absorb. The CBC was a media outlet that was created in defense of Canadian culture and U.S. influence. It helped Canada keep its people well informed of the issues that surround Canada, which in turn builds unity among the people and leads to a more unique and cultured community.

Canada has been able to sustain their distinctiveness by the means of which they govern themselves in comparison to that of the United States. The decisions and choices that the Canadian government makes are, in many cases, quite the opposite to that of the U.S. The decision...