Canadian children Vs. Somalie

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A relationship between a parent and a child begins the day the child is born. Parents should give the love, care, sympathy that the child need. Same with the child, has some great gifts to give to his parents, like love, trust and all of his emotions. This is a great gift that parents should take care of. But unfortunately, not all parents understand their child, and not all of them know how to take care of it. In Canadian society, children have their own rights; they have the right to be educated, the right to be loved, the right to be discipline, etc... But in other poor countries, children have no rights accept to work, or sometimes to be loved and educated. There is a big difference comparing Canadian children with Somali children, in many ways, some of them are, child rearing, discipline, and their life style.

Firstly, comparing child rearing in Canada and Somalia is a bit different.

Because both of these countries differ from one another. Canadian children have the right to go to school and have fun, while most of Somali children go to work or beg people for money to survive. In Canada male and female children are to be treated equally. Very often, fathers as well as mothers assist with child care responsibilities. While in Somalia boys are counted better than girls, boys have the right to go out, but girls should stay and clean at home. Young children and babies cannot be left alone.

Secondly, discipline in Canada and Somalia is different too. In Canada you can not be sure that your neighbour will care for your children if you go out and leave the children alone. If your neighbour can't help in this way, you must stay with your children, take them...