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Canada's history has been forged by the core values held by Canadians. These values have changed throughout the past, due to certain events that have caused people to change their beliefs. Today, these values are much different from what they were half a century ago. Some of the common values held by Canadians today are peace, equality and freedom. Canadians have learned from their past and have changed their beliefs and values for the better.

Canada is regarded as one of the most peaceful countries in the world. It has taken part in almost every peace mission put forth by the UN. This is not how it always was. For such a peaceful country, Canada has a very violent history. Canada had a significant role in both World War I and II and many other wars since its creation. It seams that Canada's involvement in wars has taught it to dislike them.

Canadians have come to realize that wars have harmed Canada much more than they have helped it. World War I, it seems, was not a choice for Canada. Its close ties to Britain forced it into the war. After WWI, Canada began to distinguish itself from England by signing The Treaty of Versailles and then later refusing to join England in a conflict in Turkey. Canada independently chose to join WWII. Although Canada collaborated with the United States of America in the cold war by joining NORAD and setting up radar systems in the north, this was done for Canada's own security. By refusing to join the US in the Vietnam War and recently the war in Iraq, Canada again showed its dislike for. It seems that, for Canadians, peace has been a result of war.

Equality is a topic that has come up for all countries in...