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The Canada we see today is a strong, economicaly developed country with large ammounts of trading and big sums of investments. There are a lot of factors that influence our economy but most important are people, more specificaly economists, they are influencing national economy as nobody does in the government. They are specialists whose decisions know no boundaries. They are very smart, highly educated people and they manage the finances of the country.

As Canada have been developing to became one of the most economicaly developed countries there certainly were people that invented some revolutionary things for Canadian and Worldwide economy that created new methods of solving economic problems, that methods were done by people of bririantly thinking brain and high degree of anylizing of problems, it's roots and solving them by the most easiest way.

Alphonse Desjardins One hundred years ago, Alphonse Desjardins formed the first credit union or Caisse populaire in North America, running it out of his home in Levis, Quebec.

Born in 1854, in Levis, the son of an impoverished day labourer, he was educated in commercial studies. In 1897, when he was 42 years old and working as a French-language stenographer and reporter in the House of Commons in Ottawa, he heard a parliamentary debate about the crippling cost of borrowing money. That struck in his mind. He was deeply religious and socially conscious Desjardins, who had long been interested in mutual assistance societies. He made his amin target to found a people's bank, or caisse populaire, where working people could pool their resources and be assured of fair business practices and reasonable borrowing rates.

In promoting the doctrine of co-operation Desjardins goals were to figth usury, to improve the lot of the working classes, to bring economic libiration to French Canadians and to slow...