The Canadian Forces' Material Acquisition and Support Information System (MASIS) Project

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Executive SummaryThe Canadian Forces are an essential element of Canada's national identity, security and sovereignty. The Forces embody Canada's values and pride, ensure Canadian's security both at home and abroad, and allow the credible creation and enforcement of Canadian domestic and foreign policy.

The Canadian Forces are charged with protecting Canadian security and interests both at home and abroad. The Canadian Forces is composed of many different components that must interact and work together in order for the Forces to function effectively. These elements must communicate between one another as well as the central command authorities in order to accomplish their mission and purpose.

Material assets and resources are essential to every aspect of Canadian Forces' operations; they are required for combat operations, long-term deployments, humanitarian aid and support functions,This paper will introduce and explain the background for the Canadian Forces' Materiel Acquisition and Support Information System (MASIS) Project.

It will explain the status of the Canadian Forces' pre-MASIS resource management system and identify its problems and issues.

The paper will outline the requirements for the Canadian Forces' resource management system at several points of contact, starting from the bottom up:•Officers who place orders for necessary material and equipment assets•Soldiers who receive mission-critical material and equipment assets•Area Support Units that receive and distribute material and equipment assets•Canadian Forces Supply Bases that receive the initial shipments from military fabrication departments and contractorsThe paper's scope also includes an explanation the upper-level strategic management that receives mission orders from the federal government, the tactical management that is responsible for the acquisition and distribution of material and equipment assets that will be required to accomplish those orders, and the low-level management that plans how to accomplish the orders with the available resources.

Research and discussion of the direction and...