Canadian Involvement In Foreign Wars

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Canada's Involvement In Foreign Wars

Canada has taken place in a lot of military action in the past 200 years. Some of the major affairs include World War 1 and 2, and the Korean War. Many Canadians have different opinions on how involved Canada should be in these foreign wars. Many people feel that Canada is never justified in getting involved in foreign wars. They feel that if it is not their war, then it is not their problem and they should only worry about their own problems. Other individuals feel that Canada is within their rights to fight in a war that does not completely belong to them. They feel that Canada is acting as a peacekeeper and helping out their allies in war. Canada is justified in taking part in foreign wars because they are helping out allies, they act as a peacekeeper by bringing justice, and this brings many benefits for Canada.

In World War I, when Britain declared war on Germany, Canada was entered into the war automatically. This was because Canada was a member of the United Kingdom, and wanted to help bring peace between these countries. Canada became known as strong, intelligent fighters on the battlefield. They planned and executed an almost perfect capture of Vimy Ridge, which the British had failed to accomplish. This was perhaps a turning point in World War 1 and definitely helped put an end to the war. Their bravery and military success proved Canada's independence as a nation. They were more separate and had a much better military reputation worldwide. It turned Canada from being just a small British Colony, into a separate dominion. This not only gave Canada worldwide recognition, but it gave each Canadian much pride and with the signing of the Treaty of Versailles,