Canadian Involvement in Foreign Wars; Specifically the Korean and Gulf Wars.

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Canada has had a significant role in many foreign wars. Since the Second World War, Canada has become involved in the different wars for different reasons, and in different ways.

In 1950 the communist North Korea crossed into the Republic of South Korea . Canada then became involved to help liberate the people of South Korea so that they may live in a democracy . This was primarily a mission where Canadians helped out the United Nations because the Canadian government firmly believed that the United Nations was important for ensuring that there will never again be another World War . The United Nations was influential in bringing Canada to the Korean War, just as they were when bringing Canada to the Persian Gulf War in 1991 .

In the Persian Gulf War Canada had the role of blocking enemy ships from entering the Persian Gulf as well as helping the United States .

One of the driving forces why Canada went to the Persian Gulf was because they had a seat on the United Nations Security Council and the resolution was passed by the council . Since the United Nations sanctioning the war has historically been very important to the decision of whether or not Canada should go to war it is no surprise that in the current war in Iraq, which is not sanctioned by the United Nations, Canada is not participating.

Canada played a significant role in the Korean War. The Korean War began in 1950 when North Korean troops crossed the 38th parallel south into the Republic of Korea . This was five years after the United Nations had been established but the countries that were a part of the United Nations quickly went to the aid of the Republic of Korea to help the Korean...