Canadian Senate

Essay by Andrew DonoghHigh School, 12th grade December 1996

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The Canadian Senate

By Andrew Donogh

Today the Canadian Senate does not do all that much for the Canadian government. It no longer does the job that it was created to do. It barely stops any bills that go through. They're paid a lot of money to just sit and do nothing.

The Canadian Government could work fine without the Senate. Just get rid of it, and have the governor look at the bills closely before he signs them. Just in case the governing party try's to pass a bad bill.

Or it could be changed, have less senators that aren't paid as much. Or change to an American Triple E type of senate. Which stands for elected, effective, and equal. The Senator should be elected by the provinces and have a limited time in the Senate. This would make the Senate much more effective and fare.

If the Senate continues as it is right know people will get more and more frustrated with it.

And soon they wont want it at all. Which probably wouldn't be much of a problem anyway.

I believe that we should keep the Senate, and just reform it to be more effective.