Canadian Sports in the 21st Century

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Change is inevitable given a certain amount of time. However, one thing that has never changed during the 21st century in Canada is sports. Although the sports itself have evolved and the athletes have also became stronger, faster, and more fit with each passing decade; the one thing that has never changed are the Canadians' passion and pride in sports and the will to perform to the best of their abilities. Barbara Ann Scott, Terry Fox and Wayne Gretzky are all great examples of athletes that have the heart to become the best that they can be pushing themselves to the limit day in and day out.

Barbara Ann Scott, also known as "Canada's Sweetheart", is the only Canadian to ever win Olympic gold at the senior women's figure skating level. Born in Ottawa, Ontario in 1928, this skating sensation was brought up by her parents with many of the qualities that helped her win the gold already integrated into her everyday life.

At the age of ten, Barbara Ann was the youngest Canadian to pass the gold figures test. Her dedication, sportsmanship and sheer determination helped her achieve this remarkable feat. However, at the age of 25, Barbara Ann decided to give up skating as a career. Although she retired from skating quite early, Barbara Ann Scott made Canada proud, but more importantly; she is an inspiration to many young people who have a dream of someday obtaining gold in the Olympics.

Another very important athlete is a young man that did not win gold in the Olympics but has won the hearts of many Canadians nationwide. Terry Fox was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and raised near Vancouver, British Columbia. He was an active and enthusiastic teenager who loved sports; Terry was only 18 years old when...