Cancer: The Hope, The Dream.

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Many Americans are living with a diagnosis of cancer. Researchers are learning more and more about what causes cancer. Looking into how it grows, and progresses. They are looking for better ways to detect, prevent, and treat the people diagnosed. These researchers, who have been looking for a cure, or at best, better treatment for many years. Researchers are not only looking for ways to prevent, and cure it, but to also improve the quality for life, during and after treatment.

Cancer always begins in cells; cells are considered the building blocks of the body. When you group cells together, they make up tissue. Once tissues are put together they become organs. Normal cells divide to make new cells, when cells die new cells make their place. But sometimes the order of cells goes wrong; the cells divide and go where they are not needed. "It is believed that cancer starts as a loss of control of just one cell."

(Harpham 6) The extra cell production can produce a mass of tissue called tumors. Tumors are classified into two groups:

Benign tumors are nothing to worry about, these are not life threatening. These tumors cannot spread to other parts, do not infect other parts of the body, and usually can be easily removed. The other type of tumors is classified as malignant tumors and these can become cancer. Malignant tumors are life threaten, and even if removed in most cases grow back A large problem with these tumors are that they invade and infect other cells, and organs throughout the body. "Metastases (cancer spread) that are too small to be seen. If there are individual cells, or even small areas of growing cells elsewhere in the body, there is no scan that is detailed enough to spot them."( CancerHelp UK...