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Week 6 ObservationsVideo 1 Scenario:The video opens with Gail delivering mail to Andrew; Andrew asks Gail to call Pat Cooper at the warehouse and have him overnight Liz the assorted disk sets. Andrew tells Gail that Liz is in L.A. through Thursday, he then proceeds to look for her address. Gail picks up a pad with some drawings from Andrew's desk, she asks him if he drew the pictures and he remarks that he was just doodling. Gail tells him they were great and asks him if he has ever drawn professionally. Andrew tells Gail that he did some illustrations and cartoons for paper in college but he gave it up when he graduated. Gail tells Andrew that she has a friend that lived in her old neighborhood who is a professional cartoonist and he makes a lot of money. Andrew comments that "that's another life"; Gail tells Andrew that he should not waste his talent and then leaves.

When Gail leaves Andrew picks up the pad and looks at his drawings. The next scene opens with Andrew meeting his friend in an art gallery. Andrew tells his friend that he would like his opinion on something. Andrew tells his friend that he is thinking about pursuing a career in cartooning, his friend asks Andrew if there is a living to be made from cartooning. Andrew tells his friend about Gail's comments and that he keeps hearing his father's voice telling him that he has to have something to fall back on. Andrew's friend tells him not to worry about what his co-worker or what his father says. His friend is leading him away and tells him they are going to go crunch numbers.

Video 2 Scenario:The second video opens with Andrew's friend asking him some questions, they come...