Canisius College, one of the best school in Indonesia.

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CC Leadership Training Is Progressive

First, let's define what the title means. CC means Canisius College, leadership training means a training both physically and mentally for being a leader, and progressive means good and continuous. So, if we combine these three definitions, we can make a conclusion about the title. Canisius College train his students progressively both physically and mentally to become a leader.

I agree with this statement. Why ? First point, because Canisius has many facilities that can develop the students. For example, audio-visual room and computer laboratory. The students can be trained not only by teacher explanation (visually) but also by the educational disc (Encyclopedia program, film, internet explorer, etc). This facilities make the students can think not only from one side but also another side. And also the students can learn how to get new information from many sources and the students can adapt the technology development in the globalization era.

Second point, Canisius also teaches about religion well. For instance, before and after school activities, students must pray although for only one minute. This activity teaches the students to become men that believe in God and walk in The God's hand. This is a very important aspect to become a leader. Because if you want to become a leader, you must need honesty and justice. It is the factor that can't be solved in our government now. Many corruptions, nepotisms, and manipulations are happened. Canisius doesn't want that problems influence the students if they become the leader.

Third point, Canisius also teaches English language in school. Unlike the other schools, Canisius teaches four different manners, listening, grammar, writing, and reading. Canisius thinks that English language is the important factor because English is the general language for every country. How a leader can communicate with...