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Attention step: I know that almost everyone in here has had an experience with marijuana in one-way or another.

Thesis: The history of medical marijuana use dates bake to ancient times, but today we practically ignore its medicinal properties and label it an illegal drug to the detriment of our economy.

Overview: The legalization of the marijuana plant, especially in regard to its medical uses, should be a serious issue to think about.

Credibility: I went on the Internet to research medical marijuana and also found out how it relates to the war on drugs.

Transition Sentence 1: This plant has been used for healing and medicine throughout history.


1. Cannabis has been proven as a healing agent long before the establishment of modern medicine.

Transition Sentence 2: Its hard to believe that marijuana can relieve the effects of all those diseases, when many people associate it with hard drugs like cocaine and heroine.

2. The medical community would prosper if marijuana were legalized because its one of the most safe and affective drugs used by humans.

Transition Sentence 3: The legalization of marijuana would not only help society in the medical sense, but the economy would also prosper.

3. The Government spends way too much money to deter a drug that relieves the symptoms of disease.


1. The medicinal purposes of marijuana are quite obviously displayed through out history as a widespread and safe healing plant. Can you actually believe that we pay to keep marijuana illegal when so many people could use it to treat disease.

2. Therefore my conclusion is that the present law on cannabis produces more harm than it prevents, and the money used to incarcerate a million marijuana smokers could be used to a better means like national defense or...