Cannabis: Hurt or Heal? This essay compares health risks and benefits of marijuana use. It cites scientific studies as well as views of doctors.

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Cannabis: Hurt or Heal?

Marijuana should be decriminalized in The United States. The century old debate on whether or not marijuana should be legalized in The United States has been a question since the beginning of time. Marijuana is used worldwide. Every country in the world has a different view on marijuana. The range is widespread, in Holland it is looked upon as a blessing. You can buy it in coffee shops that are located all over the country. Some eastern countries are so strict on marijuana that you can lose a hand just for having it. In The United States we are extremely strict on pot. Here if you get caught with a bit you get arrested for possession of a controlled substance, or fined, in which the money of course goes to the government. If you have over an ounce you can be charged with trafficking which is selling.

The sentence for trafficking can be up to 5 years in prison. Over the past couple decades the subject has gotten hotter and hotter and its about to blow its top. In British Columbia, you can actually grow plants in your own home without getting charged. However there is a limit on the amount you can grow. As the fight continues we near decriminalization. Well at least for medicinal purposes that is.

Once doctors have a reliable source of marijuana they will recruit trial participants from across The United States. Marijuana is not only a medicine and a recreational activity it is also proven that it can help stop future health problems. The US National Institute of Health has found that chemicals in cannabis can reduce the extent of damage during a stroke in rats. Rats are by no means compared to humans but we function the same and...