"Cannery Row" by John Steinbeck.

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Cannery Row

By John Steinbeck

Cannery row is very much like a collection of short stories, the main stories describe Mack and the boys, and the other stories describe the other citizens of the town of cannery row. The style of the Cannery Row is easy to read and free-flowing yet the characters, stories, and themes are deep. Steinbeck is also very good at characterization, as he shows the humanity of all his characters, even those viewed as "bad". This book tells the life of ordinary people, such as homeless men, prostitutes, shopkeepers, and others.

"Whores, pimps, gamblers, and sons of bitches," At first, Cannery Row seems like a trashy, sleazy and smelly town, but as Steinbeck begins to reveal the characters, Cannery Row is seen in a different way. Tales of small happenings that occur in Cannery Row can also be found throughout the novel. These things are all normal to Cannery Row, but to the reader it is a new and interesting way of life.

The characters' personalities all fit together to make up this town. When seeing these things, the outward appearance of Cannery Row no longer matters. As well, his descriptions of the town, as well as the setting, are very well done.

Cannery Row is sentimental in tone yet shows every aspect of life in Cannery Row. Stereotypical good-natured bums and warm-hearted this novel celebrates lowlifes who are poor but happy. This novel is very well done, and is very powerful. Anyone who likes the first page will also like the rest of the book.

Steinbeck is a very talented writer. He is very descriptive but leaves just enough room for the imagination to take over. He is also a very realistic writer; this is not only seen in Cannery Row but in...