Canterbury Tales

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Chaucer begins the description of the Franklin by saying that white as a daisy-petal was his beard. Of course as we all know very well, Santa Claus is a man who is known for his signature long white beard. Although, the author gives no other real physical characteristics of the Franklin, we like to think that he was wearing a rather bright and cheery color, like to capture the essence of his personality. The Franklin is a sanguine man, high-coloured, and benign. This means that the Franklin was often laughing, amorous, high-coloured, fleshy, good-natured fellow, with many desires and capacities. As we think about Santa, we conjured up the images of a very jolly, festive, and overall content fellow which seems to be quite compatible with the personality of the Franklin.

The Franklin and Santa Claus also share a very interesting trait. They both love their food. Chaucer does not tell us, but we like to infer that the Franklin was a rather stout man, considering all of the references which he makes about the Franklin and food.

The Franklin's table was always filled with food and the best of it, and his cellar was stocked with the best wines. Not to mention that a man whose house was never short of bake-meat pies cannot have a healthy cholesterol level. On the other hand, there is Santa. Imagine the millions of fat calories he consumes each year, eating those millions upon millions of Christmas cookies and drinking gallons of milk. Of course, not that either of these men are really complaining about their position. I mean who wouldn't mind eating everything in sight and never having to feel guilty about it.

The Franklin and Santa are also both very friendly men. The Franklin "made his household free to all in the County. Santa, spends all of his time greeting young children and taking their Christmas wishes. They both have very big hearts to along with their big appetites. The Franklin and Santa are both model men. The author calls the Franklin a model among landed gentry. And well, Santa is already well-known and respected among the masses. If only these two could have known one another, I am sure they would have had a great time among all of the festivity surrounding them.