"Canterbury tales" by Geoffrey Chaucer

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Canterbury Tales Essay

It is said that everyone has a twin or a double in this

world or someone who is the same as another in looks, ideas,

beliefs, or characteristics. By the same token- if this is true-

does everyone also have an opposite in this world or someone who

is opposite in these qualities? It seems as though the Wife of

Bath from The Canterbury Tales proves the latter situation to be

true. Her opposite would be Tess D'Urberville from Tess of the

D'Urberville's. These two women are almost directly opposite in

their appearance, as well as their beliefs and behavior.

Tess D'Urberville was a young woman who had a youthful and

fresh beauty. Tess had an angelic look and a delicate face which

made her seem innocent. She was a 'simple country girl with no

pretensions'. The Wife of Bath on the other hand was a beauty

that, to some extent, deteriorated with age.

She had a bold face

and gap-teeth which marked her beauty but also made her seem

promiscuous. Their appearance is different because the Wife of

Bath is a very flashy lady. She was concerned about her clothes

and the way she looked to other people (especially men). Her

kerchiefs were of fine cloth, 'her hose were of the finest

scarlet red', and her shoes were new. Tess however, didn't pay

much attention to her clothes. In fact, she wanted to avoid men

looking at her all together so she wore old clothes, covered half

her face with a kerchief, and 'mercilessly nipped her eyebrows of

Another way these two women are opposites are in their

beliefs. The Wife of Bath is an independent woman. She is able

to survive on her own because she believes she is strong enough

and doesn't...