Canterbury Tales The Miller’s Tale

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The Miller's Tale" The miller's tale takes place in Oxford. The story start with an old carpenter that marries a young woman named Alison. Alison was a beautiful woman, and many men desired her. Two of her suitors were Nicholas and Absalon. Nicholas was a young student that lived in the codger's home. Absalon was a clerk that served the church. At the beginning of the story Nicolas is successful in his pursuit, and he and Alison become lovers. Later on Absalon trays to curt her but she rejects him. Alison and Nicolas come up with a plane to get rid of the Old jealous carpenter. One day Nicolas tales the carpenter that according to his astrology and looking at the moon, he discovered that in couple of days a flood will come. The flood will be worst than Noah's flood. Nicolas tales the carpenter to get three tubs, for him his wife and Nicolas, place them on the roof and stay there till the flood comes and when the rain starts, to call them to join him.

The frightened carpenter prepares everything for the coming flood and falls asleep in one of the tubs. On that night the two lovers get together and stay in the bedroom. During the night Absalon comes under the bedroom window and bags her to give him a kiss. Instead of kiss, Alison gives him a fart. Absalon, mad and in rage, goes to the blacksmith takes a coulter and goes back to Alison. Again he calls her to give him a kiss, but this time Nicolas expose his ass and fart. In return Absalon stabs the exposed buttocks with the hot coulter. Nicolas in agonizing pain screams "water water", which wakes the old carpenter who thinks the flood is coming. The carpenter half-asleep...