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Running Head: CANTERBURY


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Geoffrey Chaucer

Geoffrey Chaucer first main work was "The Book of the Duchess", His other works include "Parlement of Foules", "Troilus and Criseyde" and "The Legend of good Women". He began his most popular and fame work in 1387 "The Canterbury Tales" in which to pass the time on pilgrimage a various group of people recount stories to Canterbury (Crampton, 2006).

It is believed that Chaucer has vanished in 1400 from the historical record and he was immersed in Westminster Abbey (Crampton, 2006).


The other story is The Shipman's Tale is the story of his wife and a thrifty merchant. The wife tells the merchant's close friend the monk that in her marriage she is not very happy and in returns she agrees and she was ready to sleep with him. She will repay to her husband in order to repay in bed (Crampton, 2006).

The Prioress tale state a story of a Christian young child who lived in a town which was situated in Asia that was commanded by vicious Jewish. The story got ended for the young boy with a lament and curse for Jews who perpetrated the crime (Crampton, 2006).

After this next tale was informed by the Chaucer, sir Thopas was the tale and a fantastical and florid poem in same sounds and with this and then it will annoy the other pilgrims. The Chaucer was interrupted by the host in to the tale and then he was told by another. After this the tale of Melibee was get informed by the Chaucer and in the prose which was one of two and the oarson;s Tale was the other man. There was too much strong, strapping, study and too much powerful ruler named the...