The Canterbury Tales story of the Pardoner.

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The Canterbury Tale of the Pardoner

The story of the Pardoner is one of moral lessons, that teaches us to not to be blinded by

our own human imperfections and to not take this life for granted. I believe through the

Pardoners tale, Chaucer was trying to a make a point that whether or not we choose to seek

Death, Death will find us. The foolish men in this story deserve what they received for not

following the right way of life. Chaucer was also trying to show that Death's plan is evident in

all things, even in the schemes of foolish drunks

In the beginning of the story of the three young men, a dead body goes by while they're

drinking in a bar. This dead body happens to be a friend of theirs. A servant boy tells them

Death is the culprit who is going around killing everyone.

The three rioters decide- drunkenly-to

go find this Death and kill him. It's funny to me that anyone would have the audacity to think

they can kill the master of the inevitable ending. The men say " is it so dangerous with this thief

to meet? I'll look down every path and street, I vow it by God's holy bones! Hear me,.....We'll

slay this Death, who slaughters and betrays"(2113) These men are the epitome

of the sin of Pride, thinking they are powerful enough to slay Death. The men eventually meet

an old man, whom they insult. The men reply to the old man "Old beggar I hope you meet up

with evil grace"(2114) These men disrespect the old man thinking they're above

this beggar, only because they did not wish to accept a blessing from one so low in stature. The

old man seems mysterious to me because he...