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a) Discuss the managers function with reference to Mintzbergs model

b) Identify areas from the above discsuuion where you could improve your own management performance

c) Discuss staff development within your company / division

Assignment 1

Part (a)

Model: Mintzberg


Mintzberg shows that a manager's job in reality is quite different from what it is perceived to be. Managers have to perform a wide variety of roles that can be grouped into three areas: interpersonal, informational and decisional.

Mintzberg further expands this model by defining typical activities under each of the above areas.

Role Activity

Interpersonal Figurehead



Informational Monitor



Decisional Entrepreneur

Disturbance handler

Resource allocation


It is easy for me to relate to the Mintzberg model as my typical day starts very much like that of Eric Dancer, in fact, sometimes the term "chaos" would be a more accurate description.

I am technically responsible for the infrastructure of a company that provides after-hours payment points and online mobile phone top-up facilities in the United Kingdom.

The environment consists of approximately 20 Compaq file servers that process online (real time) transactions, and batch (offline) transactions. I provide technical support and guidance to the three environments that comprise the IT department, namely Operations, Network and Server. My daily schedule can quite easily be likened to that of the Mintzberg manager.


This role is very pertinent since I work for a third party company. I represent my company to my client and I would even go so far as to say that to my client I am my company.


Part of my responsibility is planning and providing for future growth in my area of responsibility. This entails providing direction and advice to my subordinates.


I maintain a network of relationships with my suppliers...