Capital Punishment

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'MURDER HAS INCREASED SINCE HANGING WAS ABOLISHED, CAPITAL PUNISHMENT IS THE ONLY DETERRENT.' DO YOU AGREE? There are many people who agree and disagree on the subject of Capital Punishment. There are many arguments that can be considered when discussing whether the Death Penalty, abolished in 1965 in England, should be restored. In this essay I intend to present an overview of the current debate and indicate arguments for and against. I will also make it clear that, not only is it an ineffective deterrent, but also morally wrong. Capital Punishment is taking the life of someone, who has been found guilty of committing a capital crime, which is usually murder or treason.

Before 1957, there were three types of murder that were Capital murders. These were:- murder during theft, murder by shooting and the murder of a police officer which many disagreed with, arguing that a police officer should not have fairer treatment than others who had had the same crime committed to them.

When Capital Punishment was abolished in 1965 (for five years) acts of terrorism in Britain were very uncommon. It was abolished completely in 1969, not long before the current troubles in Northern Ireland broke out into terrorism. After that, 2,000 people were killed in Northern Ireland alone. These led to the outrageous bomb explosions of Hyde Park and Regents Park, a few years ago and many others elsewhere in England. These alone though, cannot justify that the Death Penalty should be restored, as Lord Carr (former Home Secretary) said in 1982, "They are fanatics who, see themselves fighting for a cause higher than themselves, in which they hold their own lives at a relatively low price." They are people, who will not let others talk them out of what they are planning to do. The...