Capital Punishment

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Capital Punishment is a punishment brought on by the law and courts on to prisoners who have committed a crime. Now whether the crime is easy-going or harsh, the penalty is based on the crime. But some countries are more harsh then others. Some countries tolerate small things, where some countries punish harshly for small things. In the United States for possession of certain drugs, you may just get probation, and when you get probation, the only thing that happens is that you can not perform anything illegal. But in China, there are very harsh penalties for creating such an illegal maneuver and there is a good chance that you could get put to death for such a small thing. In China there was over 1,067 executions in the year of 1998, and in the US there were only 68. China being #1 in the death penalty and US being #3.

Chinas records for death penalty are outrageous, there records of deaths are more than every country combined. With over 1,067 executions, they rule the charts of all executions. China mostly draws out all of there convictions under the "hanging" style or death. Its were they hang there felonies, and it is very possible that they will perform many tortures before the executions. China has been running a Campaign called Strike Hard, since then, there have been 66 executions from murder, drugs and other serious crimes.

In the United States, with a fairly low execution rate of only 68 in the year of 1998, the United States still ranked 3rd in the world in executions. The United States seem to be quite fair when it comes to murder and drugs. But as the years have passed, the numbers of executions a country gives out is dropping. Countries are letting more criminals get away with stuff they could not have gotten away with 10-20 years ago.