Capital Punishment

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In the year 2002 71 people were executed by 13 different states. To some this may seem like an excessive amount of being put to death. However, when you consider that in the year 2002 there was more than 3581 prisoners on death row 71 is just a tiny drop out of a huge barrel. (

Today in America there are 38 states with the death penalty. This means that there is 12 states without the death penalty. It is hard to believe that states have such different opinions on the value of human life.Some people may say that the state putting a murderer to death is just as wrong as the murderer killing someone. I do not share in that belief. The murderer took the life of an innocent individual who did not deserve to die. Then after he is found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt he is sentenced to die as punishment for taking the life of another human being.

It seems as though at least once a year I hear about someone on death row being exonerated of all charges. It is scary to think that in America, the home of the free, a innocent person could be put to death. I could see this possibly happening in the past. However, with all of the new technology today the chances of this happening are very slim. I believe that if it was found that an innocent individual was put to death sometime in recent history there should be an immediate halt on any further executions. Until it is shown how this individuals innocence fell though cracks of the justice system. I also believe that even though nothing can bring a human life back proper restitution should be made to the family of the innocent person...