Capital Punishment

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To talk about this issue we must first look at the facts that for every execution of convicted muderer result in about eighteen fewer murders. The cost of teh death penalty doubles teh cost of keeping an inmate in jail for life. Beside the facts we must look at how many lives will be save if one of these convicted murderers is put to death. I think that is the death penalty is said to be unconstitutional then abortion should also be unconstitutional because they both take a human life. The only difference between them is that in abortion you kill an innocent child and in the death penalty, you kill a convicted murderer. I think those who are against the death penalty probably don't have anyone that was killed by a cold-blooded murderer. Many abolitionist claims that there are other alternative to the death penalty. They say that life in prison serves equally.

That is true if you ignore all the murder criminal commit within prison when they kill prison guards and other inmates. Also when they escape and kill more innocent peopel! Convicted murderers that are sentenced to a lifetime in prison have a lifetime to escape! Putting a murderer away for life isn't good enough. Laws change, and so do parole boards, and people forget about the past. Those are the things that cause life imprisonment to weather away. As long as the murderer lives, he shall strike again. The death penalty is an affective way to put a stop to crime, but it also should be the last choice in any cases.

The death penalty is the most affective way to put an end to crime. The death penalty is a necessary tool that reaffirms the sanctity of human life while assuring that convicted killers will...