Capital Punishment

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Capital Punishment is and has been a very controversial subject in the history of many countries. I am strongly opposed to the death penalty. I believe that it is very inhumane to take someone's life. I believe it is in many ways hypocritical for society to label murder as a horrible act, and to then commit the crime against another. In 1990, over 2,000 people were sentenced to death in Texas. In 1991, the following year, 2,651 citizens were murdered in Texas. This proves that the system may not be and convicts are not changing their patterns. Many states and countries do not have or have abolished the death penalty. Much to my disliking, many states have gone the other way and have brought back the death penalty. In Massachusetts a bill has been proposed to reinstate the death penalty. This is the first legitimate and extremely supported attempt at capital punishment in Massachusetts since the controversial practice was abolished in 1984.

Though I am against this act, I agree with this bill much more than the current set up we have in California and around the nation. I believe our current capital punishment system is faulty in assuring that the suspect on death row is the correct criminal. The bill states that a criminal can only be sent to death row if there is DNA proof that the suspect is the actual culprit. This takes away the point I had before about sentencing one to death and then finding out that this suspect was not guilty. These cases have occurred frequently in executions through time, as we did not have access to more scientific investigation such as DNA. Now we can use these resources to make sure our suspect is the criminal. I do not believe in the death...