Capital Punishment

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Capital punishment persuasive essayBy: JeffHow would you feel if you were to be electrocuted over and over again because of a mechanical failure, the burning sensation of organs inside of you, until you are finally dead after the intense pain? You wouldn't feel very good would you? Well this is the type of cruel torture that is has been committed during capital punishment. Think about what will be going through the person's mind if he/she is actually innocent waiting on death row for the day of their death? Also, if there is nothing after death, this will be the easy way out. This would it not make you safer, nor will it decrease homicide rate. Criminals will know that after death, then it's over. So this will not act, as a deterrent. The chance of a murderer killing again after being freed is extremely low. So killing them does no good.

Capital punishment is virtually impossible to perform fairly with many factors from race prejudice to bias juries affecting the final sentence. The cost of the death penalty is becoming way out of hand especially for something that has no effect. Capital punishment is not an acceptable punishment of justice, and should not be legal.

Capital punishment is a cruel and unusual punishment. A purpose of capital punishment is to inflict intense pain to the criminal. Electrocution, beheading, public bisecting, emboweling alive, and burning alive are all prime examples of capital punishments' inhumane and unnecessary cruelty. The Court permitted electrocution (1890) to be an execution punishment. Years later the approval, a divided Court, held a second electrocution (1947) following a mechanical failure at the first which rigorously injured, but did not kill the criminal. This however is still clearly a cruel and unusual act of inhumanity. ( ''Morally unacceptable'' and...