Capital Punishment

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This paper discusses more of the pros and cons of the death penalty and this work shows that there are some pros and cons of the death penalty, as all have. Nevertheless, the death penalty is much better way to punish the perpetrators of serious crimes (Lauren, Malhorta and Kapoor, 2010). That is why it has some advantages than disadvantages.


Capital punishment is the action against the person who commits capital crime. It is also known as death penalty (Lauren, Malhorta and Kapoor, 2010). Capital Punishment is only given by the government in order to deter such capital crimes in future. In the following paper we will discuss about pros and cons of Capital punishment.



Its better to kill the capital criminal today as compared to keep him or her in prison for 50 or 60 years, because when we takes in to jail, the living expenses are quite costly as compared to the cost of capital punishment (Lauren, Malhorta and Kapoor, 2010).


Main aim of death penalty is to deter capital crimes, but there is no subjective evidence that the capital punishment deters crime rate in more effective rate as compared with imprisonment (Lauren, Malhorta and Kapoor, 2010). Most of the countries throughout the world has banned capital punishment but have controlled crime rates.

Sentencing a person to death just due to the reason that he killed a person is the continuation of death circle (Lauren, Malhorta and Kapoor, 2010). The better way to treat a criminal is to change his behavior from negative to positive. However, emotions of victim's family should be considered while deciding either to allow capital punishment or not. Because the...