Capital Punishment

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Preservatives are a great way to make food last longer. There are many forms of preservatives. Just like food needs preservatives to last longer, America needs preservers to prolong the success of America. Capital punishment is essential for the advancement of American society.

Capital punishment is essential for the advancement because it decreases crime rates. Given, some people believe that there are no statistics that show capital punishment has deterred many criminals. The reason that the ultimate punishment deters homicide is that no executed killer as ever killed again. Policemen have recorded instances where they encounter a stickup artist and even a rapist who say they left the victims alive because the criminals do not want to be executed. [1: Frank, Keating. Human Events [Online] available qa3827/ai n8890027/print?tag=artBody;coll]

John Lott's chart shows that capital punishment is a deterrent to murderers. In 1973-1980, the homicide rate was at it highest.

In 1980, there was on murder rate had fallen to one murder for every 16,843 people or 35% of the 1980 value. If the 1980 murder rate had maintained, there would have been 61,751 murders. On this bases, 19,968 people are not dead today who would have been potential homicide victims. This chart represents 78 lives saved for each one of the 256 executions since 1980. [2: John R. Lott and Jr, More Guns, Less Crime: Understanding Crime and Gun-Control Laws, 3rd ed. (Chicago: University Of Chicago Press, 2010), Page 2. ]

Ever since executions have occurred, there was no doubt in people's minds that capital punishment has deterred crime from happening. In the early executions, families of the victims were humiliated. The humiliation would deter crimes because the criminal did not want to shame their families. Even though the statistics are scarce, capital punishment is...